Trebbiano Spa

If you are seeking relaxation, you can try our winetherapy treatment combined with a dry sauna, wet sauna, Scottish shower and finish off with great wine of your selection by candlelight in a jacuzzi infused  with grape polifenols.

What is winetherapy? It consists of a series of treatments for which different types of grape, grape juice (before fermenting), wines or oils derived from grape, are used. These beauty treatments have the ability, among others, of reducing abdomen, making gluteus firm, making muscles and skin younger and invigorating breasts. They are also good for relaxation, through massage with fresh grape pulp and essential oils, or with Sauvignon or Merlot wines. Moreover, it is also used  to improve circulation and for its cosmetic properties.

We also offer a line of wine therapy cosmetics.

For further information: contact our hotel receptionists.