Our menu has been meticulously to give you the possibility to discover & savour regional dishes most representative of our gastronomical culture. We offer brunch, breanner on Sundays, midday & after-office wine.

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Argentine Cuisine


Zona Noa (North East)


  • Mined Beef
  • Spicy Minced Beef
  • Beef 
  • Basil, Tomato & Mozzarella
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Tamales: Carbonada, Locro, Humita                                                 


  • Cayote jam with mistela
  • Mix of cheeses from Salta with raisins & dried fruit with late harvest wine.
  • Pumpkins in syrup.
  • Cafayate Ice Cream: American cream or lemos mousse with honey macerated nuts topping and a dash of torrontés wine

Zona Centro (Central Argentina)

  • Traditional cheese platter: salami, olives, dried tomatoes rehydrated in syrah, or torrontes wine with olive oil, aubergine/eggplant paste with sesame seeds and balsamic vinegar, tomato jam with black pepper, chipá bread with different flavoured types of oil.       


  • Tupungato ice cream: vanilla ice cream sprinkled chestnuts in syrup previously soaked in moscatel from alejandría

Zona Patagonica (Patagonia)

  • A tasty selection of smoked food: smoked trout, smoked wild boar,venison paté, salami, a wide variety of smoked cheese, deer in escabeche (pickled fish).
  • Patagonia bruschetta: with olive oil, flavoured vinegar, dried tomatoes rehydrated in syrah wine and smoked cheese sticks with fine herbs and sesame seeds.
  • Trout macerated in  merlot wine with side dish
  • Pizzas:      
    • Bariloche pizza: mozzarella cheese, smoked cheese, trout with green olives and grapeseed (citrus) oil in.
    • Esquel pizza:  mozzarella cheese, wild boar chops, with black olives, grapeseed oil and toasted almond oil.
    • Usuahia Pizza: mozzarella cheese, deer chops, dried tomatoes rehydrated in, grapeseed oil and jalapeño peppers.
    • Austral pizza: mozzarella cheese, smoked cheese with black pepper, goat cheese with green peppers, deer in  “escabeche” (pickled fish), Greelk olives, grapeseed oiland jalapeño peppers.


  • Alto del  valle ice cream: strawberry ice cream with  strawberries soaked in mistela wine and patagonic sparkling red wine.
  • Variety of Patagonic Smoked cheese  sticks with berries.


  • Espresso
  • Especiality coffes
  • Traditional & flavoured teas.
  • Independently made liqueurs.
  • Latin American distilled spirits
  • Sparkling, sweet & strong wine by the glass