Hotel Las Cepas

This small boutique hotel has been planned and developed by a typical Argentinian family from Buenos Aires combining their passion for wine and the attractions of this great city.

Originally, this place belonged to one of the ancient lands of the historical city, settled in 1860, in the first neighbourhood  of  Buenos Aires. This modern building combines the minimalist  arquitectural style with some of the secrets of  the oldest  wine  store kept   for many centuries in a dark basement. We  invite you to discover the magnificence of this country through its wines in a very relaxing atmosphere, very close to downtown and strategically located in a very nice area which offers a wide range of restaurants, theaters, museums and leather outlets. Las Cepas Hotel has a wine cave in the basement where you can find more than 600 different brands of  wine. You can also enjoy a delightful lunch, happy hour drinks and food specials or a luxurius dinner at Caladoc Resto.

Our  cuisine  offers the most typical Argentinian meals from  different areas. You can also  request a room service or a garden service for a romantic meal. In Trebbiano Spa you can enjoy a wine therapy service at or you can organize a private meeting at Pedro Ximenez auditorium.